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Through the Storm

Through the Storm
Debut Album

Born to Us

Born to Us
Stylized Christmas Album

Sacred Revolution

Sacred Revolution
Features 2005 NCYC theme song

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Where does the inspiration come from for Curtis㯮gwriting?
省>Lately for me, itવst trying to live a Christian like.頡lso work in a Church full-time, so I am able to see where people need to be lifted up, to be encouraged to follow the Gospel.Ԩere will be moments when I realize, 襲e should be a song for that.Шrases will sometimes come to me that will sound like music, or it could be something that occurs more introspectively while Iబaying my guitar.ll of it ultimately comes from a life lived within the context of a community, and through hearing the scriptures and prayers in the course of lots and lots of liturgies.省>

What effect has Curtis�ic ministry had on others?
ଯve Curtis Stephan.詳 music is faith-filled, powerful, moving, and serves the Church in a variety of ways.ɒve had the blessing of working with him for many years now, and although heࡠremarkable musician he is first and foremost a disciple, a minister.ॲsonally it gives me encouragement.䨯se who are blessed enough to encounter his ministry will find their expectations wonderfully exceeded, their cup overflowing, and will have an experience with God࠰resence.Ⲿ spacer- Jesse Manibusan
spacerCatholic Lay Evangelist, Musician,
Motivational Speaker쯥m>

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