Fall 2009
Curtis prepares to minister to the masses at the 2009 NCYC
(National Catholic Youth Conference) in Kansas City, MO. Over 21,000 participants are anticipated at this colossal youth rally!

Summer 2009
Teaming up with Derek Natzke of LifeTeen International, Curtis recently worked on DVD worship resource. Stay tuned for a release date on this compelling new audio and visual arrangement of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, filled with reverent melodies drawing listeners into God's greatest attribute - His mercy.

Spring 2009
The Stephan's family will be expanding, as Curtis and Lindsay are expecting baby number two in February. Congratulations!

Continuing to prepare for a new CD, Curtis is writing music as the inspirations come. More info to come as available.

Recent Event Highlights

July 2009: Curtis had the opportunity to mentor teenagers for a week during the One Bread, One Cup Summer Liturgical Leadership Conference in St. Meinrad, IN. According to the St. Meinrad Office of Youth and Young Adult Formation, ﮦerences are rooted in the Benedictine tradition and include sessions on catechesis, liturgical and spiritual formation, theological reflection, liturgical leadership development and vocational discernment.ﰾ

October 2009: Curtis led a workshop at the University of Dallas 2009 Ministry Conference regarding recent Liturgical Changes and the Parish Choir. In one workshop he also was able to partner with musical cohort, Santiago Fernandez. Engaging current ministry leaders on the most relevant topics, they discussed the new document Sing to the Lord and its impact on music ministry.

November 2009: Curtis and Lindsay made a pilgrimage to Italy with St. JosephСrish of Richardson, TX. Besides making new friends and enjoying himself immensely, Curtis was blessed with the opportunities to play during Masses at the following holy hotspots: The Chapel of the Corporal in Orvieto (close to where the Eucharistic miracle occurred), St. Catherine's house in Siena, St. Francis㨡pel of Stigmata, and the Grottos near the tomb of St. Peter and the remains of Pope John Paul II.

Back in Texas, Curtis gave a private residential Concert, part of the Catholic Dinner Package in connection with Mary Immaculate School঵ndraiser. This is one of at least two auctions that he participates in annually. Over the past few years, his involvement in parish and school auctions has raised more than approximately $20,000 for these worthwhile endeavors.

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